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Featured Speakers & Participants

Featured Speakers

Rev. Sarah Mears, Children’s Minister at Hayes Barton Baptist Church in Raleigh


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, writer and speaker


Rev. Marvin T. Clowney , Chaplain for Cape Fear Valley and Highsmith-Rainey Hospitals


Rev. Rob James, Pastor, First Baptist Church on Anderson Street


Bishop John Godbolt, Co-pastor, One Church Covenant Fellowship


Rev. David Woodhouse, Pastor, Hay Street United Methodist Church


Other local ministers will also be speaking.


Participating Churches

First Baptist Church (Anderson St.), Rev. Rob James, pastor


Hay Street United Methodist Church, Rev. David Woodhouse, pastor


One Church Covenant Fellowship, Bishop John Godbolt and Dr. Ron Godbolt, pastors


First Presbyterian Church, Dr. Mike Garrett, pastor


St. Luke AME Church, Dr. Orin Gill, pastor

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