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General Information

  • Join: Hopefully, it is obvious from the information in this website that the Revive All is an effort being carried out by a group of cooperating pastors and churches with a common aim. Even further, other pastors and churches are invited to join what is a promising and much needed endeavor. The expectation is that this will be the beginning of a substantial and sustained joint effort between Fayetteville area pastors and churches to introduce people to the only source of real revival and joyful living.

  • Parking: Due to the generosity of Eric Lindstrom, free parking will be available after 5:15 PM, Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday in the lot at the corner of Burgess Street and Maiden Lane (next to Avex Aerospace). Parking will also be free during the Revive All in two city-owned lots. The lots are at: corner of Maiden Lane and Burgess Street (across from the library); corner of Old Street and Anderson Street. On Sunday, 14 May, free parking in the city-owned lots and the lot next to Avex Aerospace will not be available until after the Woodpeckers’ baseball game ends.

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